About Us

How to Join?

No Referral is necessary as we are an Open Access Project, People can JUST TURN UP, and Attend the Group’s and Activities, run on the day.


What do we do?

East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA) is a peer led Recovery community organisation (RCO) ESRA is a Charitable incorporated Organisation. Our members are made of people in recovery from substance misuse and alcohol problems or have been affected by someone else with these issues.

Overall aim

Our overall aim is to guide and support individuals and families that are in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse and want to make realistic changes in their lives,
We like to show that recovery is possible by offering peer led support groups, activities and recovery coaching to enable people to take positive steps with their lives and promote a healthier wellbeing.

Our Mission statement

East Sussex Recovery Alliance is a peer lead project supporting recovery from substance misuse in East Sussex.
Our Vision: is to empower, build confidence, encourage responsibility and promote both physical and mental wellbeing in all those in recovery from substance misuse and the families supporting someone affected by substance misuse.

We believe in:
• Trust
• Honesty
• Transparency
• Responsibility
• Building on people’s strengths
• Being non-judgmental
• Respectful
• Open-mindedness